1 June 2011

Tic Tac Summer Editions: Peach Passion and Grape & Lychee Twist (WH Smith) [By @Cinabar]

Tic Tac seem to be launching a few new flavours recently, and I am pleased to announce that we have two new summer flavours this year, which I think must be a record. They are wonderfully fruity sounding varieties too, and perhaps they will inspire some summer sun with their tropical sounding flavours.

Peach Passion
When I first tasted these the very first flavour to hit was a strong juicy peach taste, and then the passion fruit taste joined it and made a wonderfully mouth watering tropical flavour. These Tic Tacs were zesty and sweet, and really pleasant. I immediately wanted another one after I finished the first, which is always a good sign with sweets. They are zingy and full of flavour. Despite being rather sweet the base flavours were lovely and natural, and there really was no mistaking their intended taste. I hope the Grape & Lychee were as impressive.

Grape & Lychee Twist
I tried these sweets and the first thing that I thought was the taste of these is what I call American Grape. I eat lots of proper grapes, red ones and green ones but I have never had a physical grape that tastes they way it does in American sweets. To be fair these Tic Tacs are actually made with real powdered grape juice too, so perhaps I am just missing something on the flavour, but that aside I do actually rather like them. I think we get predominantly blackcurrant flavoured sweets in the UK and grape is one of those tastes that are left behind. The Lychee kicks in as an aftertaste and mellows the sweet down, creating a refreshing but smoother overall taste and another really enjoyable sweet.

It is really nice to see such interesting, and unusual fruits make their way into the Tic Tac line up this year. I’m also pleased to see that there was a fair amount of natural powered juices in their ingredients too, which really added to the experience. I’m really hoping for more exciting Tic Tac flavours in the future, as these super fruity ones make such a nice change from the usual range of breath mints available.
By Cinabar


Emily said...

In Poland, this year, we have also "tropical acerola". I haven't eaten it and peach&passion yet, but I found grape&lyche very tasty, so I have good attitude to other flavours.

Anonymous said...

American grape flavour in sweets/candy is always purple grape. If you've ever drunk Welch's grape juice or similar then you'll be familiar with the taste.

cinabar said...

Emily - they sound lovely, Tic Tac are getting adventurous with their summer flavours this year.

Anon - at the supermarket I only see red, black or green grapes and none of them taste like the sweets. But I do know what Welch's taste like, and you are right it is the same flavour - I've just never eaten any grapes that taste like it.

Grapelover said...

I am a massive fan of anything Grape flavour! It's a pity that there are no Grape flavoured products here in the UK and I have to get everything imported from the USA or bring it back when I go on holiday.
I really hope this is the start of things to come and other companies start to follow suit and start producing Grape flavoured foodstuffs.
The main item I'm hoping for is Grape Fanta!

cinabar said...

Think Ive seen Grape Fanta in Cybercandy - might be worth trying there is you are after finding it?