18 June 2011

Hotel Chocolat Seasoned Chocolate Glaze (@HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

This brown paper style pack is filled with a cocoa glaze designed to enhance red meats. Now if there was any sunshine about I would have been tempted to use these on some lamb chops on the barbecue. With the weather the way it is, I went for an indoor method of cookery as it seemed safer!
The glaze is used towards the end of cooking, so when the lamb chops were just about ready to serve I opened the pack. Inside it was a surprisingly sweet smelling mix, with the appearance of grated chocolate. I’m not sure what I had been expecting, but the contents certainly got me curious.

I sprinkled a fair amount on to each chop, and it did look disconcertingly like I had covered them in melting chocolate! When you have told people that you are cooking chocolate glazed lamb chops, I guess you do want a visual effect, and these really did look quite stunning.
I served up the lamb chops, and tucked in. Despite the appearance, and its sweet aroma, the glaze was very much savoury. The rich dark cocoa tones, blended well with the warm meat flavours. There were was a nice tang of seasoning too, which helped smooth the tastes. Cocoa is very much a savoury ingredient if it isn’t combined with sugar, and the lamb balanced the taste really well. There was also a lovely hint of black pepper, and aromatic onion and garlic that would combine well with any red meat. The lamb was delicious and the flavours were blended perfectly.
I loved the dramatic appearance of serving up chops in a substance that looks remarkably like chocolate, it is a good conversation point for any dinner party! The clever use of flavours will ensure it a success too.
Fingers crossed for some decent sunshine so I can try it out as an addition to a summer barbecue, it would be al fresco at its best!
By Cinabar

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