19 June 2011

Thai Taste - Easy Green Curry Kit (@LoveThaiTaste) [by @NLi10]

Cinabar's has the Red Curry version to be reviewed shortly, but I decided to sample up the Green variety - with the twist that I'd do it vegetarian! Quorn fillets make an acceptable substitute for chicken and the big purple vegetable I am reliably informed is an Aubergine (or Eggplant for you international types).

As with the other variety there are clear instructions & timings and the ingredients are of an amazing quality and all perfectly measured out. It was a quick and simple meal to make and the Quorn went well with the spicy sauce and fragrant herbs and spices.

I served it up with genuine Thai glutinous sticky rice and a fresh garden salad I got from Red Kite Health Foods (it's home grown and really potent stuff!) which I'm keen to get more of. The whole combination was fantastic, and something I'd happily add to the shopping list. I'd want to try the Red and if they do it Yellow varieties of this and make it up properly with noodles and pork. And as that wouldn't be veggie I'd have to eat it all myself - Yum!
By NLi10


S.Emerald said...

This looks really good:)

Anonymous said...

Asda stock both varieties