28 June 2011

Haribo Strawbs & Cream (Tesco) [By @cinabar]

Well it is British summer, which means that it is also Wimbledon season, and rain is expected! The official snack of Wimbledon is fresh strawberries and cream, and it also a traditional British favourite at this time of year. Haribo have taken the idea and represented it in their latest Limited Edition sweets – Strawbs & Cream. They already make a sweet called Strawbs so it isn’t a totally new concept, just a bit of a Summery novelty.
I tipped a few of the sweets out and was a bit surprised by what I found. If I am completely honest I was expecting the whole bag to be filled with Strawbs & Creams, but it was actually half and half Strawbs and Strawbs & Cream.
The Strawbs are the regular firm strawberry jellies. They are sweet with a natural taste that is also rather juicy. The Strawbs & Cream are similar but have a white foam base, thus adding in the cream element, although it didn’t seem to alter the flavour significantly. I have to say that the only thing I disliked about the original Strawbs is that they are a bit chewy for me, so the new foam layer in the Strawbs & Cream softened them out nicely. They still deliver all the juicy natural sweet strawberry taste, just with an easy eating finish. I actually really enjoyed munching my way through all these sweets, even though I preferred the new Strawbs & Cream to the original.
If you are looking for the prefect snack to watch Wimbledon in front of the telly, look no further, these will go down a treat! If you are going to Wimbledon though, for goodness sake do it properly and but a bowl of real fresh strawberries!
By Cinabar


  1. ooh these look good! I presume the strawberries & cream one was a bit like the foamy hearts you get in regular haribos? those and the strawberries were always my favourite so im sure i would love these!

  2. I love these. And only £1! bargain.
    Gobble Monkey x

  3. I wish I could give them a try, but I don't live in the UK:(

  4. LotOChoc - these sound perfect for you then! With Wimbledon coming to a close, fingers crossed you find some of these on offer.

    LMC - they are a bargain, I love value sweets.

    S.Emerald - where do you live? I thought Haribo was available everywhere?

  5. Hello, i dont suppose anyone would know where to buy these nowadays?

  6. I don't think they make them any more - but Haribo Heart Throbs are very similar and are much easier to find ie "A Quarter Of" and Amazon both have them for a start.


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