20 June 2011

Pringles Mamma Mia: Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil [Crisps] (Tesco) [By @Cinabar]

I mentioned previously that I have stocked up on some flavours of Pringles that had previously been missing from Foodstuff Finds. These ones are from their new Italian range; Mamma Mia, bringing the taste of Italy to their crisps. It is actually a nice idea to focus on the key tastes of a country, and I’m kind of hoping that this turns into a multi country series!
If you had to sum up ‘Italy’ in a flavour, then these crisps do seem to have covered the basic tastes. Fresh sounding ingredients, and this particular mix of flavours does make a nice starter in Italian restaurants.
When I opened up the pack, two things struck me. First was the aroma, it was very rich with a good hint of cheese and herbs, and the second was that the crisps looked quite pretty, and had red and green speckled seasoning subtly around the edges.
The flavour of these crisps was really good too. There was a good balance of creamy cheese, sweet tomato and a nice hit of basil to balance it out. The tastes all worked really well together, and there was a pleasant hint of salt helping to hold it together. These crisps did taste summery, and have a distinctive Italian hint to their taste too. I thoroughly enjoyed the mix of tomato and creamy cheese tastes, it was impressively moreish, but then Pringles usually are!
I do have more of the Mamma Mia range to try, so look out for those write-ups coming soon. If these are anything to go by, that next tube should be something to look forward to.
By Cinabar

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S.Emerald said...

I think Pringles was doing a world series. It's nice that they got the Italian taste right.