14 June 2011

Pringles Xtreme: Hot Paprika & Smoky Bacon (Asda) (@Pringles ) [By @Cinabar]

What is it with my local Sainsbury’s and Pringles? They have a huge section for Pringles in the main crisp isle, and they always have a separate ‘end of isle’ shelf also filled with Pringles, BUT they rarely stock any of the new or limited edition flavours. There are just mountains of the usual flavours in strangely excessive numbers.
On a recent trip to Asda I was shocked at the amount of different varieties I was yet to try, so I stocked up on a few that I have been missing out on. This is the first of those new tubs!
This particular tube is one of the Xtreme range, meaning it has a bit of a chilli kick mixed in and it seems to be a 3 out 4 on their heat rating.
The taste is mostly that of smoky bacon, which is meaty and salty and very moreish. The paprika taste is present as a spicy aftertaste, but I think there is some hot chilli in there too playing games. The more you eat the more the heat sneaks up on you, it starts with a tingle and ends up as a decent burn. It manages to stay on the side of enjoyable thankfully, and they were certainly not too hot to eat.
The warm spices, meaty tastes with the kick at the end do make these a really well thought out flavour. They were easy to munch on, and everyone sharing them really enjoyed them which is always a good sign. Pringles just are fab crisps, I just wish my local Sainsbury’s would start stocking a few more of the exotic flavours as it is clear I’ve been missing out!
By Cinabar

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