4 June 2011

Gamer Grub (Cybercandy @CyberCandyLTD) [By @SpectreUK]

This is a gaming performance snack enhanced with neurotransmitters and vitamins to support cognitive performance. Gamer Grub has been “scientifically formulated to power your core gaming systems for maximum performance”. Having quoted that from the packet, don’t pour it into your console! The snack food promotes a no greasy fingers rule, so you can hold a joypad without it slipping from your grasp or sticking to your hands during gaming. You could pour Gamer Grub into a bowl and game and munch or alternatively abide by the RTFM (Read the Fine Manual) on the back of the packet that states: 1 – Tear open pack, 2 – Pour in mouth – eat – repeat. Just put the bag in easy reach, as you don’t want to take your eyes off the screen when gaming, especially in a fire fight or race for first place!

The 149g resealable bag is a blend of peanut butter chips, peanuts, strawberries, strawberry jelly chips and sweet bread. I decided to accept the RTFM's advice and tore open the packet. The contents smelt like peanut butter mixed with fruit and biscuits. The first mouthful had a crunchy, dry, salty peanut, and strawberry fruity flavoured mix to it. My tastebuds received a full mix of savoury and sweet strawberry flavours, which made my mouth think that I was eating a full meal with each mouthful, first came the salty peanut flavour followed by strawberries for pudding. It’s an unusual and rather nice combination. Though the opening of the packet is quite wide, so I had to tip the contents quite carefully into my mouth, rather than dump quickly, as I’d have ended up wearing the snack rather than eating it. This wouldn't help in a tense high action online Team Deathmatch or Burnout race. This Gamer Grub makes you feel like you’re snacking healthily whilst being a gaming couch potato. Still there’s always the Wii or Move to get you off that settee!
By Spectre

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But did your gaming "Ski11z" increase? :)