11 June 2011

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Mayonnaise [@RapeseedOilMan] [By @spectreuk]

Made with cold pressed rapeseed oil, this mayonnaise has a yellow hint to its colour that gives it an old England traditional look to it. This mayonnaise is also made from free range eggs, a hint of Dijon mustard, lemon juice and white wine vinegar. The rapeseed oil makes the mayonnaise low in saturated fat, meaning it doesn’t create as much fat in your body as high saturated fat products. The jar’s label states that this product is also a good source of omega 3. Finally finding a mayonnaise that’s good for me, I decided to first try it with fish and chips, washed down by a couple of beers! I know… I know… fish and chips and beer aren’t particularly good for me, and there was a danger that I could possibly overdose on omega from the fish and the mayonnaise, but I thought I’d chance it as the low fat mayonnaise may balance me out in the chubby department. Otherwise, I figured I’d just run around in tight circles in the back garden for a couple of hours to burn off some paunch.
On trying this mayonnaise the predominant taste of rapeseed oil hits the tastebuds first, it’s not overpowering, more comforting. Its fresh healthy taste fits over your tongue like a brand new glove, courteously introducing you to the taste of chips, to the taste of fish. The lemon and white wine flavours within the mayonnaise complemented the cod perfectly. I greatly enjoyed the hearty meal, savouring every mouthful, but feeling a little too full to run around the garden, besides it was cold and dark and I’d probably fall over from too much beer.
This mayonnaise isn’t just for fish and chips though, I’ve dolloped it onto all manner of sandwiches since; from salad, chicken, ham and tomato, cheese and my personal favourite bacon. No wonder it’s previously won a Great Taste Gold award. This mayonnaise should sit proudly in everyone’s fridge (next to the beer), calling out to you every time you open the door; “Eat me. Pig out. I’m healthy!” And besides there’s always the garden to run around in, well, unless you live in an apartment… or houseboat… surrounded by sharks…
By Spectre

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