24 June 2011

Count On Us: Rhubarb & Custard Dessert (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

When I am after a healthier dessert my favourite shop has to be Marks & Spencers. They understand that just because you are keeping an eye on calories, it doesn’t mean you have to have boring puddings. Other places stock a few nice Weight Watchers goodies, but there is never much choice. M&S do provide a lovely range of interesting lower calorie products, and there is practically always something new to try.
Their latest healthier dessert is this rhubarb and custard combination, which does coincide with rhubarb season. We have already had fresh rhubarb from the garden and are very much looking forward to a second batch.
There are three layers in the Rhubarb & Custard Dessert making it look rather pretty in the pot. Firstly there is a rhubarb compote. I liked this layer as it had a nice mix of textures, with both pieces of rhubarb and shredded bits too. It was fresh and fruity, and although sweet did have a hint of the sharpness from the fruit and the defined flavour.
Next up was a thick layer of custard. I might not like cold rice pudding, but cold custard is fab, it is the highlight of any trifle. This particular custard element was actually a custard mousse though. As such it was lighter and fluffier than you might expect. It also had a decent hint of vanilla too. It went well with the rhubarb flavours as it helped mellow the dessert. The finally layer was a reddish clear jelly. There was no fruit in it, and its flavour was delicate but nondescript. It seemed to be more peach or pear, than the sharp flavour of rhubarb, but it was sweet and pleasant and added the fun layer to the pudding.
I thoroughly enjoyed this dessert and at just 120 calories per pot it is definitely one I’ll be buying again.
By Cinabar


Rachel said...

Aw, have you tried cold rice pudding? I'm still an advocate of it! This dessert sounds nice, I had no idea M&S did low calorie desserts. I am a little calorie conscious so I'll have to have a look.

Rodzilla said...

I'd never expect to see rhubarb in a pre-packaged dessert, but I would definitely pick one up if I did.

Lot-O-Choc said...

I love cold rice pudding too yum! I love M&S' low calorie desserts, they have such a range, theres so many i want to try!

Unknown said...

I've been thoroughly enjoying these Marks and Spencer Count on Us range of desserts too; I've also reviewed this one and some of their other healthy-range puds, including the new "Frappe" range (tried those yet Cinabar? They're great!)

I post as "TotoMimo" on this thread I started - maybe you should check out those Marks and Sparks puds too?


cinabar said...

Rachel / LotOChoc - Okay, you got me... I haven't actually tried cold rice pudding - BUT it just feels wrong! :-D

Rodzilla - it is always nice to see different fruit being used in products. We get so much strawberry and orange stuff, this made a lovely change.