8 June 2011

McCoys Rogan-Oh-My-Josh / Mighty Madras [Crisps] (Asda) [By @Cinabar]

I don’t think it is any secret that I like spicy crisps, so when one reader (thanks Allan) alerted me to some new curry crisps on the shelves, I just had to track them down. Despite McCoys not wanting me to buy their crisps, I do anyway as I like them so much. McCoys go to some length to ensure everyone knows they are “man crisps” which bugs me a little being female. :-D

These crisps had a really good smell to them, lots of rich spices and a nice hint of meat too. When I tried them I was impressed by the flavour, the meatiness was clearly lamb, and the spices were well defined, and almost like a Moroccan curry in nature. The heat was pleasant, a decent tingle but not actually strong enough to make me say “Oh My”, despite the fact I really liked the name! Rogan Josh curries are usually a medium in heat, so I felt it was a little on the weak side, but the chilli is still very much present just not offensive.

Mighty Madras
These crisps had an amazing aroma in the bag, like it was packed with chilli, tomato and spices and it was very appetising. The crisps tasted lovely too, they were crammed with lots of flavour and spice, from onion, garlic through to paprika, and I think I picked up on a bit of citrus as an aftertaste too. In smaller print it does say that these are chicken madras flavoured, but there wasn’t much meatiness to them, the spices could just be overpowering it. Heat wise the chilli was very much making its appearance known. They had a good defined chilli heat, that gave a decent burn as I munched through them that was lovely. The only thing is they aren’t as hot as a proper Madras, as I couldn’t never finish a hot curry like, but these were still manageable for me to eat without any hassle.

Both of these varieties of crisps have good flavour, and try to actually meet the specifics of the curry they are representing. So often crisps just end up with a generic curry powder taste, but these had much more to them than that. I thoroughly enjoyed both bags, but although they had far more heat than the usual ‘hot’ crisp, they still may not be as hot as some would like, particularly those brave enough to eat proper Madras!
By Cinabar


Stuart said...

There is another....i think.
my local papershop also sells a Balti flavour of some meaty description (possibly chicken) and they are really rather nice. Again not very hot but quite flavoursome.

cinabar said...

Do you let me know if you spot what flavour it was - I'll be on the look out. :-)