16 June 2011

Rachel’s Organic ‘Divine Rice’ Traditional Creamy Rice Pudding (@rachelsorganic ) [By @cinabar]

It was only when I started to type it that I realised just how many words there are in the title of this product! The packaging seems to handle it quite well though, with its neat almost two tone black and white style.
This pot of rice pudding quickly heats up in the microwave for a fast treat. You zap it for 30 seconds, give it a stir, and the give it one more blast for 30 seconds and you are ready to go. Microwave cooking means that you don’t get a skin on your rice pudding, which some people will see as an advantage but may disappoint others. One thing I did note was the peel away lid was made of foil, which is an interesting mix with the microwave. The foil lid did come off in one piece quite easily for me, but I think you need to check it has been fully removed before cooking, as foil doesn’t mix well with microwaves..
The rice pudding is lovely and thick though and has an appealing sweet smell. The flavour is absolutely gorgeous, sweet, creamy with lovely tones of brown sugar. The rice flavour shines through too, giving the dessert a wholesome edge. Every mouthful was totally heaven, and the rice was that perfect mix of fluffy but still firm enough. The thick sauce engulfs it and the texture is just spot on.
I practically scraped every bit of this out of the pot at the end, as I just didn’t want any to go to waste. I am a rice pudding fan, and I just love how quick this is to make. A totally indulgent, almost instant hot pudding!
By Cinabar


clairestelle said...

Oh this rice pudding is lovely isn't it! Far preferable to the synthetic taste of Muller Rice. At waitrose they do a toffee variation which isn't at all overpoweringly toffeeish, quite a subtle taste actually - worth trying!

Rachel said...

I used to buy this all the time, it really is lovely! It's even good cold. I'll have to buy it again soon.

Lot-O-Choc said...

Oh yum!! I havent had rice pudding in years..i used to like ambrosia creamed rice when i was younger, but i always used to eat mine cold. mm.

cinabar said...

clairestelle - I'll keep an eye out for the toffee one in Waitrose, sound yum ;-)
I do have to say Muller make fab low fat yoghurts, but this rice is superior to theirs!

Rachel / Lot-o-choc - Cold rice pudding??? Really? That's so wrong! :-D

clairestelle said...

Oh no it's even nicer, thicker and creamier if you eat it cold! :)

Anonymous said...

I eat it cold also. It’s absolutely sensational cold.