13 June 2011

Lindt: Orange & Pistache (House of Fraser) [By @Cinabar]

When I saw this sitting on the shelves in the foodhall it stuck out like a bit of a sore thumb next to the other Lindt bars. Almost every other bar of their chocolate was packaged in the usual bright white Lindt card. I actually assumed this bar was from a different make, and had managed to somehow sneak its way onto the shelf. When I spotted that it was a proper Lindt bar it was rather like it had turned up for school wearing its home clothes and then realised everyone else was in uniform after all.

The packaging is actually quite smart, the brown card looks posh and has a lovely textured finish to it. Taking the card off and there is a clever foil and clear film combo to keep it fresh, but to also allow some of the chocolate to show through on the main packaging.

The bar is very pretty, on one side it has ripples of chocolate and the Lindt logo and the other side shows the milk chocolate embedded with pieces of nuts. This whole bar is just so different to usual Lindt chocolate, it is arty and amazingly it looks even more luxurious than a regular Lindt bar.

The chocolate smells wonderful too. When I was photographing it I was having to resist the urge to break a corner off as the orange aroma was just so appetising. Thankfully when I did tuck in, the chocolate was no disappointment. The nut and orange flavours did work really well together. The pistache was actually caramelised pistachio and the sweeter flavour helped it mingle well with the natural flavours of orange. I thought I could pick up on the taste of almond too, and according to the packaging there are actually equal amounts of both nuts in the ingredients list.
The oranges bits have a very natural flavour and they are combined with sugar crystals so they are sweet too, but this also gives them a bit of a crunch. I really liked how the texture from these and the nuts gave contrast to the chocolate, which had a thick texture when it melted on the tongue.
The base chocolate was creamy and sweet, with an indulgent chocolate flavour. It could have been bordering on rich but the fruity flavour breaks it up and transforms it into a lovely pleasurable experience. I’ll definitely be buying this bar again, and keeping my eye out for any other Lindt bars in the new posh brown boxes.
By Cinabar

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