15 June 2011

Cadbury BiscBits (Sainsburys) [By @Cinabar]

Sharing bags are proving to be as popular as ever, and there always seems to be some new product squeezed onto the shelves. The latest addition is this grab bag filled with caramel flavoured biscuits coated in Cadbury’s choc, which sounded rather tempting. I have to make a point on the name ‘BiscBits’, it doesn’t roll off the tongue nicely. I can see what they were trying to do, but it simply makes you sound like you are trying to say biscuits, but that you have an unfortunate speech impediment.
Back on to the positive stuff... the biscuits themselves are rather nice. The have a crisp crunch, and a decent buttery shortbread flavour. It’s not rocket science to know biscuit and chocolate go really well together, and I can report that it works here too. The biscuits are very munchable, easy to share and are the perfect fodder for watching a film.
There are unfortunately a couple of negative things I picked up on too. The ‘BiscBits’ aren’t very polished looking. The picture shows it a bit, they have obviously been knocking about in the bag, and this seems to have caused a dullish uneven finish on them that almost looks like a grey dusting.
The other point if that these are supposed to be caramel flavoured and although pleasantly sweet there isn’t much to note in the way of caramel flavour. There are caramel crunchy bits present throughout the biscuit visually, but they don’t make that much of a presence in taste.
Having said all that, as a nice biscuit based sharing snack, we still managed to eat our way through the bag in record time!
By Cinabar


Rob said...

They sound good, but I don't understand this "sharing" lark.

Paulham said...

Cadbury under their new masters Kraft are really spreading their portfolio awfully thin.
A lot of their new products are made under license.
I saw one product (forgot the name) which was made in Poland.

It's a slippery slope...

cinabar said...

Rob - lol, sharing is optional ;-)

Paulham - I thought I saw something made in Poland too.. could have been one of their Brunch bars? But I'd have to check.
Pretty sure Ive seen things like "made in the European Union on behalf of Cadbury Birmingham" on one of the new bars as well.