9 June 2011

Dorset Cereals: Good Honest Crunch - Toffee & Pecans, Strawberries & Raspberries [@dorsetcereals] [by @NLi10]

We received these from Dorset Cereals to promote their new Good Honest Crunch range of cereals and I thought that both were similar enough to do a double review.

First I went for the strawberry and raspberry flavour which suited me to a T. The crunchiness of the name is from almost sugar-puff like larger elements within the cereal, which give a soft but satisfying crunch. The rest of the cereal is made up of clusters of grain and fruit with a few healthy looking things scattered here and there. It turns the milk pink and doesn't go soggy which are both plusses too. I really enjoyed this box and demolished it in a short space of time.

I think this occupies a space in between mueslis and standard cereals. I feel that I'm getting enough healthy goodness but also I have the fruit to add some needed sweetness. Plus neither of these have raisins or sultanas to overpower & bulk out the package which is a definite plus. I intend to buy these again.

I put off the toffee flavour for a while - the sound just didn't appeal to me. Toffee isn't a flavour I'd associate with breakfast and it's not a particular favourite of mine. On opening the bag the smell inside was strong and a little off-putting, but one taste of the actual package put my fears to rest. The toffee is present, but it's a smooth and subtle flavour and plays second fiddle to the crunchy pecans. While there is still some of this box left it's definitely a good cereal and I'd urge people to try it before judging it like I did. I'd probably go for the red flavour first out of the two, but if there was a multi buy special offer then I'd happily grab one of each.

The boxes seem a little small, but the cereal inside packs a lot of ideas into a lovely recipe. I hope they continue to make surprising breakfast cereals for me.
By NLi10


Rodzilla said...

I'm still crazy jealous of the Dorset selection over your way. We're supposed to be getting a few new options in the US but I'm yet to see them in stores on either coast.

cinabar said...

Rodzilla - wow, I had no idea you could buy any Dorset cereals in The States... Remember in the UK you can't even buy Lucky Charms, and we only have strawberry or chocolate pop tarts and thats it :-/

Ana - I want to try those biscuits! Excessive amounts of toffee is never a bad thing for my taste buds! ;-)