26 June 2011

Lifestyle Organic - Organic Buckwheat with Vegetables (Red Kite Health Foods) [by @NLi10]

I like convenience foods so when I discovered a new range of instant but healthy things I decided to grab 7 different types while I was there. Having never seen them before I thought I'd go for a mix and have breakfast, lunches and pudding all covered. I'm slowly going to work my way through them so it may be a good while before I make it to the end of the set. I bought mine from Red Kite Health Foods - in fact spotting them from outside was my reason for going in for the first time.

First up I decided to go for the Buckwheat.

They come in little resealable packets and you just need to boil them for a bit in water. I'm sure that I'll try them with non boiling water at some point too out of laziness! Speaking of which I didn't measure the water out properly - I just estimated. As the packet is fairly sturdy and they want you to add a specific amount of water I think it'd be great if they put a fill line on the bag so that you could pour the contents into the sauce pan then fill the package with water to the line to get the perfect amount. As the pack has a shaped bottom this would be really efficient. Not so great when you only want half a pack, but I thought it was a good idea.

Cooking it up produced some wonderful smells and the buckwheat grains swelled up nicely and the veg was brought to life. Like most herbal teas and products the taste was not as strong as the smells had been, but they were still there and I don't think it was intended to be as powerful as I like things to be. If I made this up like cous-cous and added a few cut up sundried tomatoes and a bit of balsamic vinegar it would be a really singly little meal.

Unusually for veggie food (vegan too!) it was full of different textures and really has been prepared by someone wanting to add variety to an otherwise quite boring section of the food diagram. It was really filling too and half a pack for lunch was spot on. I shall keep you posted as I chomp through the range and declare my favourite at the end.
By NLi10

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