12 June 2011

Games Night With Cookies (Waitrose & McVitie's) [by @NLi10]

Friday night tends to be games night so is a great opportunity to try out snacks on unsuspecting people. Often this means that I don't get to eat whole packets of things but I can see what other people think too.

First opened was the Waitrose selection - Blueberry and Macadamia & Belgian Dark Choc Chunk And Hazelnut Cookies (with Monty Python Fluxx cards in the background).

Luxury biscuits names get longer with each passing year, and these don't even have the adjectives in them like some are fond of using. These are decent size cookies and I only got to try one of each because these are fantastic. Large ingredients in a buttery and soft base is a recipe for success. These are probably some of the more expensive cookies that you get packaged up for home but there is a generous amount and they are well worth the price, especially with friends. These did not last much past an hour let alone till the end of the night.

Next up was the more standard Hobnobs Cookies (on a bed of Magic The Gathering cards)

These are smaller but you get more in a packet and you could easily buy twice as many Hobnobs as you could Waitrose cookies for the money. That said these just aren't as exciting. While nice and still a little bit luxury compared to your typical rich tea selection they went down fairly slowly and there were still some left the following day.

Don't get me wrong, these are not bad biscuits, but compared to the might of the cookie ranges (especially those Tesco ones that are still soft... mmmmmmm) they are in a different league.

After dinner we tried the following oriental style Puddings

These are essentially the small, premade versions of the Giga Pudding of YouTube fame. Feel free to Google it, but the song is a very infectious one and you may not want that in your head.

Each of these is like a kind of opaque jelly, with what appear to be pear cubes inside. They surprised me by actually tasting exactly like the fruits on the top without any exceptions. I was afraid to eat these at first (I've had them a good while with other goodies from K K Mart Bromsgrove that I didn't dare review for a while). In a group setting though it was quite a fun thing, childish yet exotic enough to tempt our tastebuds.

I've bought some more Lychee & Strawberry for future nights as these little pots are really great for sharing. Turns out snacks and games night go well together!
by @NLi10


Anonymous said...

You're doing it wrong... the hobnob cookies only come into their own when you dunk them. Until then they just taste dry and a bit mealy.

S.Emerald said...

I've had those oriental pudding jelly cups before. I can't say that I like the taste very much and I had a different brand which was much better.

cinabar said...

Anon - I practically dunk biscuits, always the best way.

S.Emerald - which brand did you try? Maybe we could hunt some down?