17 June 2011

Mooch – Original Chocolate Milk (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

This rather smart slimline can is the Original Chocolate Milk offering from Mooch. Cinabar has the Hazelnut Chocolate Milk to blog about at some point, as I’m no fan of hazelnut flavoured chocolate products. The can label proudly states that this drink has less than one percent fat, which rang alarm bells to start with as some drinks manufactures who cut down on the fat in their products occasionally ramp up the sugar content. The can label states that this beverage is coca flavoured sterilised milk. Carrageenan and sodium acid carbonate are used as stabilisers. “Chill – Shake – Enjoy” are the simple instructions on the bottom of the label. I chilled the drink, I shook the drink, and I pulled the ring pull and chocolate milk exploded in all directions. I can only think that the carbonate “stabiliser” had something to do with that! Asides the mopping up before tasting, the drink itself simply tastes of cocoa flavoured sterilised milk. No massive sugar hit (thankfully). No malt… which makes a welcome change. This drink simply does what it says on the can label. It was a pleasant late evening chocolate hit. So if you expect this drink to jump out at you and be different… Shake well before opening!
By Spectre


Melina said...

Hi, sorry but this is made by a company called Navson, not Spectre Uk.

Also, was this really bought in Waitrose??

cinabar said...

SpectreUK is the pseudonym for the writer, he is one of the team here.

cinabar said...

Webber - thanks for the tip, we were a bit impatient when we were opening our can... ;-)