7 June 2011

Fab [Limited Edition] Blackcurrant & Apple (Asda) [@fabicelolly] [By @cinabar]

Fab ice lollies are a staple of the British freezer in summer. This year they have added a twist and released a Limited Edition with the very English sounding flavour of Blackcurrant and Apple.
As per the original Fab there are still three layers in this lolly. The first is the thinnest, and consists of a coating of milk chocolate and hundreds and thousands. The chocolate is sweet and the decorations do make the Fab look pretty, and it is in keeping with the usual design, despite there being additional green sprinkles.
The next layer is the vanilla ice, which is the same as on other Fabs. It is smooth and creamy, and goes nicely with the fruity ice. It contrasts well with it, and makes the experience feel a bit like “fruit and cream”.
The fruity layer is largest section of the lolly and runs all the way to almost the top of the lolly, but is hidden by the other layers. It is a lovely warm purple in colour, and has a really good natural taste. There is plenty of blackcurrant and apple flavour, and it is lovely, zingy and fresh. It isn’t overly sweet, and there is still a little sharpness from the blackcurrant that really works.
As I was munching away I couldn’t help noticing the calorie counter on the wrapper, and that there are only 82 calories per lolly. This is wonderfully low and does make it a guilt free snack, which is always nice!
It is a lovely addition to the Fab range of ice lollies, and I’m sure it is going to prove popular this summer. The fruity flavours really are very refreshing and it is nice to see classic British fruits be used in this very British ice lolly. Fab is one of my favourite words, and I do over use it a little, but I think it is safe to say that these lollies really are fab, in every sense of the word. ;-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

My kids tried it and wouldnt eat it after the first bite. Tried it for myself and I dont blame them. Not nice at all!

cinabar said...

Ana - i really liked it, worth giving it a try if you see it.

Anon - What's not like? It was refreshing and tasty - maybe you just got a bad batch?