5 June 2011

Non-Alcoholic Apple & Raspberry Presse (Asda Extra Special) [by @NLi10]

The phrase non-alcoholic is an important one in Supermarket speak. It turns an ordinary soft drink into one which is intended to replace something that contains alcohol. Alcohol free beer is supposed to replace ordinary beer and I'm sure someone has tried to sell apple juice as alcohol free cider, but this is the more typical example that is designed to replace wine.
I've never been a fan of wine, not even in my university days. The closest I ever got was a brief fling with the wine cooler Castaway, which is just too sweet to drink in large amounts. I know there is a lot of effort and time that goes into making wines different, including age and flavours and colours etc. To me all wine tastes pretty much the same, and I’m not keen.
This presse has few wine like qualities. It's fizzy, and it's definitely got the look of a very sparkling wine about it. The flavour is very fruity and not too sweet. You could happily serve this to children and adults without either complaining. It's just not that exciting. If this was in an ordinary fruit juice plastic bottle and sold as a typical fruit drink then it'd be about right. As it stands its posh on the outside and normal on the inside.
It's very drinkable and once opened the bottle didn't last long, but I don't think it'll be tempting many people away from the more popular non-alcoholic wine substitutes, and I don't think it'll be drawing people in from the luxury fresh fruit juices.
by NLi10

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