2 June 2011

Power Shot Organic Energy - Green Tea/White Tea & Ginseng (Waitrose) [by @NLi10]

Note the cameo from Duchess in the first shot. To get a decent pic I put the bottle on the bay window in the sun and in a rare occasion of animals being in the right place for a good picture I moved and got her in too. She didn't get to eat the raspberries, she much prefers grass anyway.

I picked these up in Waitrose (special offer - a pound each) and thought they'd be good to try out at uni this week to see if it kept me awake during all the exciting lectures. I drank the first one at home though as I felt quite tired on Monday. This was the Green Tea & Ginseng variety.

The flavour for this is essentially a Ronseal job - it tastes of Green Tea with a strong hint of ginseng. It's quite nice but really was overpowered easily by the fruit I ate with it. I let my palate clear before drinking the 2nd half of the bottle and confirmed that it was a pleasant, quite watery taste. There were no real 'energising' effects to speak of but I was just relaxing after a long day so maybe it did perk me up a little.

The second bottle is White Tea & Ginseng. You can maybe taste a hint of ginseng but this flavour is cherry through and through, which isn't actually that bad. The flavours work well together and as a morning pick-me-up this went quite well and there were no real sleepy effects that morning in the lecture session.

While these pale in comparison to the bottled teas I've reviewed over the years they are a good idea and more comparable to the Lo Wong Kat insanely sweet tea in a can. As a westernised energy drink I think they try to do too much at once, but as they are similar priced to the colas (at least while on special) if these were in the canteen I'd be willing to keep trying them.
By NLi10

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