19 October 2011

Cadbury Freaky Fingers & Vampire Mallows (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

Cadbury have brought out two new goodies for Halloween, in the form of these lovely mallows and some white chocolate fingers. Although they are based closely on products already available, both have a nice Halloween twist.
The Vampire Mallows consist of a biscuit base, a huge dollop of soft creamy sweet mallow, all coated in milk chocolate. Also secreted within the mallow is a dollop of blood... coloured jam... ok it is actually blackcurrant sauce – but it looks the part. The similarity to blood contributes to the Vampire Mallow name. I love blackcurrant, and am really pleased to see it being used in such a lovely novel product. I felt the fruity flavour and chocolate worked really well together, and think these mallows do make a lovely spooky tea time treat.
The Freaky Fingers actually looked a bit disappointing from the pack. Initially I thought they were just the regular white chocolate fingers, repackaged. To be honest they aren’t far off that, but they do hold one Halloween surprise. When you break them in half the biscuit is bright red! Sure the flavours are the usual buttery biscuit and sweet white chocolate, and the biscuit has the usual crunch you’d expect, but they still have a nice new element. The colour really made me smile, and does make them look a bit Freaky too. These would be ideal at a Halloween party or shared during a scary movie to help set the scene.
These are two simple but nicely executed Halloween goodies, that work really well. Both have great packaging and a lovely seasonal theme and are well worth trying out.
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Mm they both look quite good; i do agree with what youre saying about the fingers not being that different though. i might have been a cool idea if theyd made the biscuit raspberry or strawberry flavour.