26 October 2011

Halloween Shaped Lollies (Thorntons @thorntonschocs) [By @cinabar]

It wouldn’t be right to review the high street’s Halloween goodies without making a trip to Thorntons. It is was of the longest running chocolatiers in the UK, and low and behold they haven’t forgotten about Halloween either.
I picked up these three lovely looking lollipops for a bargain £1.50, as they were on a three for two offer and just 75p to start with. There are three designs to choose from, two with a milk chocolate base, and one with white chocolate. Obviously Spectre bagsied the white chocolate ghost, as he thought it was appropriate.
The shapes are wonderfully seasonal, and do fit the event. The pumpkin is mainly milk chocolate with just a hint of white chocolate decoration. The skeleton is similar, but does have more white chocolate detail for the bones, and the ghost is practically pure white.
The milk chocolate is quite sweet, and has a thick finish. It is sweeter than a lot of milk chocolates, but certainly has a nice creamy edge to it too. It is quite a soft chocolate and gave very easily when I bit in to it. The white chocolate is also sweet, but with a smooth creamy finish, with hints of what I thought was vanilla. The flavour and designs are all very children friendly, and would be ideal for a Halloween party treat for seasonal guests. I liked the fact they were on a lollipop stick as it added nicely to the novelty, as well as making them easier to eat. Even at the bargain price they are a bit nice to give out to random trick or treaters, unless you are feeling very generous! ;-)
By Cinabar