13 October 2011

Seabrook: Hot & Spicy - Desi Curry Crisps (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

It’s hard to eat these crisps and not end up comparing them to 2 Chilli crisps from Seabrook which came out at the same time. The 2 Chilli ones were absolutely amazing in flavour, and bordering on crisp perfection, so it was always going to be hard not to compare the two.
As per the 2 Chilli crisps, these were also labelled as a heat rating of three out of three chillies on the pack. They certainly have heat, but I felt they came in just a tad milder than the other variety. This doesn’t mean to say that they are mild though, as they have a lovely tang. They are crinkle cut, so the spices tend to gather nicely on each crisp.
They are very aromatic crisps, which incorporate a good range of flavours from curry powder through to onion and tomato. They contain a good hit of both salt and sugar, which works well with the spices, but there was the odd crisp that had a heavy focus on one or other of the tastes. So some of the crisps didn’t have a balanced mix of seasoning. Other than that the flavouring did a good job of representing a curry, and certainly reminded me of a Rogan Josh taste at the very least, with a sweet tomato background.
To be fair these are good crisps, and I would be totally raving about them if I didn’t have the prior knowledge that the 2 Chilli ones are superior. Desi Curry crisps, do deliver a nice curry taste with a decent amounts of warmth from the spices, and I would rate them as very good. The other new flavour 2 Chilli are just in a league of their own, and would categorically get my purchase if I had the choice.
By Cinabar

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paulham said...

The Wasabi ones rock!