31 October 2011

Scooby-Doo Sweets [By @Cinabar]

Finally Scooby-Doo have their own sweets! I can’t help but associate the brand with Halloween as they go to spooky buildings investigating the supernatural. I feel the launch of their new sweets at this time of year is no coincidence – and I can’t help thinking bring it on! They have bought three different varieties out, in a format to suit everyone.

Gruesome Gums
No new sweet collection is complete without some gummy sweets. These particular ones come in an array of themed shapes from the TV show. They are quite firm gummies, and do take a bit of a chew to eat, but are in a nice mix of fruit flavours. There were four colours in my bag, but I think there was an elusive strawberry not present in the pack.
Yellow (Mummy’s Head) – This was pineapple flavour, and had a sweet and fruity tropical tasty which was very pleasant.
Orange (Shaggy) – The flavour of this sweet matched its colour and had a rich orange taste, it had an excellent citrus zing and was a favourite.
Green (Scooby- He’s green can’t have been feeling well) – You may have expected lime from the colour, but I was pleasant surprised to find it was apple. The sweet was mild but had a crisp taste of apple as an aftertaste.
Dark Red (Paw Print) – This was the blackcurrant sweet and it was the best in the bag. Sadly there was only two of these in the pack, and I saved the other for Spectre. It had a great flavour with a very strong sharp berry taste. A really enjoyable sweet.

This one long sweet is very pretty with it pink stripe in between the green layers, but it was still a bit difficult to open and eat, as it is rather soft and sticky in the mouth. The flavour was impressive though with the soft apple and zingy cherry shining through, giving a very vivid fruit salad taste. I loved the sweet taste so much, I kept going for another bite despite the knowledge that it was sticky and not the easiest thing to eat. By the end of the bar it had taken me back to my childhood when I would sit eat sticky sweets like this while watching CBBC after school. Yum!

Fiendish Fizzies
At first glance these do immediately remind me of Love Hearts. Before you worry about copy write, they are actually made by the same company Swizzels Matlow and are their new special Scooby-Do edition of the sweets. Consequentally they have a very familiar taste, and give easily once in the mouth producing a fruity fizzy taste. They do all have slightly different fruit flavours, and one even tasted like cola, but the overwhelming taste on all of them was the fizzy sweetness that is characteristic. All of them have neat things on them, from slogans from the show through to characters and drawings of bad guys. Everyone made me smile when I looked at it, and they made a nice change from the regular product. The purple one, which was blackcurrant, was definitely my favourite as it had the most identifiable flavour with a really nice sweet berry taste. They are a great selection and do get a big thumbs up from me.
By Cinabar

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