25 October 2011

Haribo - Spooky Ghosts (WH Smiths) [By @SpectreUK]

When you are going to sit down and watch some horror on the TV, you need a good horror snack to chow down on whilst ghosts, vampires or werewolves are running around the screen trying to make you jump. We chose zombies to scare us and tore open the bag to watch the first part of the second season of The Walking Dead. These fruit flavoured gums went down a treat. The ingredients contain no artificial colours and include; aronia, blackcurrant, lemon, carrot, elderberry, grape, orange and hibiscus. There are approximately 500 calories per 160g bag, with three diverse colour flavours molded into two different spooky shaped ghosts. The white colour is creamy and tastes a bit like sweet vanilla. The orange colour is orange and lemon flavour, and has a mild sour citrus zing. The dark purple colour has a blackcurrant hit to start with, and is followed by a pleasant elderberry aftertaste. The coloured ghosts are a bit sticky in texture, and have a very fruity and healthy feel to them. They are perfect for snacking on during a horror filled evening. I don’t think I’ve jumped so much in an hour before with all the zombies wondering around in The Walking Dead. The group of zombie holocaust survivors was trying to obtain fuel and supplies from an abandoned traffic jam, when a hungry herd of zombies ambled amongst the deserted vehicles. Excellent, scary stuff and I’m looking forward to the next part this Friday night. There’s one thing that bugs me though; the characters never ever use the “Z” word! Now what’s that about?
By Spectre

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Haribo are all over novelty now; they have loads out for xmas too! i like the look of the white ghost, i think he would be my fave!