24 October 2011

Slime Doughnut (Greggs @soslimy) [By @Cinabar]

Greggs has done Halloween particularly well this year. They have a host of crazy cupcakes, decorated with worms and they even stock eyeball and cornflake cakes. Basically they have a wonderful seasonal menu and it is full of devilish goodies. Greggs have also recently launched an array of fabulous doughnuts, that are something a bit special and do work well for the brand. Part of the Halloween festivities this year is to combine both of these two ideas and create a seasonal doughnut, and behold Slimy the Slime Doughnu was born. Curiously this doughnut even has his own Twitter account @soslimy so do say hi before you buy.

This themed doughnut has green icing decorated with orange stripes, which do seem to be the official colours of Halloween. The colours are a bit gaudy, but I think that is the point. Under the icing is the lovely soft airy dough, which has a fresh baked taste. Inside it sits is a huge dollop of slime, as you would expect from the name. Thankfully the slime is actually a clear runny lime sauce, but it does look decent, with its oozing green liquid. The flavour of lime is fairly strong, but also sweet and not too zesty. I guess it is a deliberately child friendly flavour as if it had been sharper it would have appealed to a more mature audience.
I loved the doughnut, and felt that it was really fun. I also love the range of regular Greggs doughnuts and can’t recommend them enough either. I’ll be writing about that range post Halloween, but for now enjoy the scary season and eat a Slimy, he won’t mind. ;-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Fresh baked? Doughnuts are fried.

@soslimy said...

@soslimy says... Goooooooooooo'd for yoooooooo!!! I'm looking ooooozy enough to eat. And lovin' me eyes!!

Lot-O-Choc said...

Is it so bad that i LOVE the look of this! Think this is marketing genius!