2 October 2011

Fruitiser - Pomegranate and Raspberry (Prezzo) [By @NLi10

Non alcoholic drinks in restaurants are sometimes a bit odd. I ordered this ordinary sounding pomegranate and raspberry drink in Prezzo with an Italian meal and it came with a wine glass. This confused me at first but I guess it's a stylish way to make people feel better about not drinking with a meal.
The drink itself is a pleasantly light affair, but tastes more of the fizz of a wine than the fruits themselves. This actually works quite well with a meal, but would be less refreshing out and about on a hot day. In these late summer days it was a pleasant drink, and one I may have again. I will be tempted to drink from the bottle to be rebellious next time, just to prove some of us are proud of our soft drinks.
By NLi10

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