17 October 2011

Nestle Smarties Pumpkin (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

This year seems to be a fab one for Halloween treats. Cadbury have re-released Dead Heads and Scream Eggs, and now we have an offering from Nestle too. This ace little pumpkin seems to do a wonderful job of having an air of sinister Halloween about him. Once unwrapped though, he is remarkably cute! The moulding is of excellent quality, and the pumpkin has a smart grinning face.
Opening the pumpkin was trickier than you may have imagined. I could hear the rattle of the contents within, and wanted to open it carefully so as not to lose any of the goodies. Dropping Smarties on the floor really would have given me a fright!

I prised the pumpkin open with a knife, with a plate underneath to catch the Smarties which bled out. The Smarties were actually smaller than regular ones, but still had the usual chocolate shell in a variety of colours. I was pleased as there were quite a few Smarties in the pumpkin too, it certainly wasn’t a bad serving. The chocolate is as you would expect from Nestle, sweet and pleasant and it does the job nicely. The pumpkin is the perfect size for a quick treat, and a lovely novelty for the upcoming season. I really liked the pumpkin, and think it would bring a smile to anyone’s face if bought as a mini gift, it’s just so lovely.
By Cinabar

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Lot-O-Choc said...

Aw he does look quite a cute pumpkin! I love novelty chocolate stuff like this; its a bit like the chocolate smarties hens they brought out for easter mm!