12 October 2011

Früli Strawberry Beer (Waitrose) [By @SpectreUK]

Cinabar decided to treat (or trick, now we are coming close to Halloween) me to this premium white fruit beer from the Huyghe Brewery in Melle, Belguim. The 250ml bottle is a short, but strawberry sweet liquid torture device and all inclusive at 4.1% volume. On opening I found the red raw brew had a strong strawberry smell to it. The label on the bottle states that this beer won the World Beer Award for 2009. It smells like strawberry ice cream, which in my mind lends it chiefly towards being a pudding beer. Cinabar tried and liked it, which instantly meant that I would not. My suspicions proved correct as on first taste I immediately noticed there was not much taste of beer at all. The taste is almost completely dominated by strawberry. Although the beer is brewed with pure strawberry juice, it tastes slightly over sweet, vaguely bordering on a strawberry flavouring taste. This beer did not feel to me to be a manly drink. I reckon it would go down a storm at Wimbledon with the ladies! The Huyghe Brewery is definitely missing a trick there…
By Spectre


  1. its a southern thing, men drink it by the pint down here... bunch of girls!

  2. Lol - does it entice the women into drinking beer too?

  3. Indeed. its strange being in a bar and both men and women are drinking the same drink.

    It only happens down south!


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