28 October 2011

Cadbury Spooky Shapes Biscuit Bags [By @cinabar]

One of the many products that the Cadbury brand does well is Animal Biscuits. These are a childhood favourite of mine, and I often buy Spectre a box of their Christmas special for a stocking filler. He too understands the merits of these simple shaped biscuit, and has also loved them since he was little.
This year the biscuits have shrunk a bit, and been given a Halloween makeover. They appear in mini bags so are perfect for party goers or even trick or treaters if you are feeling generous. Although the bags look small they pack quite a few biscuits inside, and I wasn’t disappointed once I saw the contents.
As per Animal Biscuits each one is part covered in milk chocolate, and consists of a light crunchy biscuit base. The shapes are lovely and range from witches hats, skulls, bats to pumpkins so all the classic shapes are covered and they are a good themed selection.
The flavour is exactly like Animal Biscuits – and if you’ve never tried them, that is something that needs rectifying immediately! :-D
They had a lovely wheat flavour, but a very light crispy texture with a delicate crunch. The chocolate is sweet and milky, and they are a real easy eating biscuit. Their moreish nature means they disappear quite quickly, so at least the mini bag helps you portion control. I loved the themed packaging and shapes, and I know we shall enjoy munching our way through these during Halloween.
By Cinabar

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