21 October 2011

Count CHOC-ULA (Hotel Chocolat @HotelChocolat) [By @Cinabar]

Chocolate vampires are tricky things. You need to take them out of the box to eat them, but that means disturbing them from their cardboard coffin... obviously that would be crazy without taking a few precautions first. Two cloves of garlic and a wooden steak should keep me safe! :-D

This fabulous looking chocolate count is another Halloween product from Hotel Chocolat. He is moulded really well, with lovely attention to detail, including the Hotel Chocolat logo on the top of his staff and on his cuff links. The red bow tie finishes his look, and he is one very well dressed chocolate vampire.
I decided to break a chunk of the chocolate off to eat, and two things hit me. Firstly that I had an inexplicable bout of guilt for breaking such a nice looking thing. I actually snapped his head clean off, and I still feel bad about that! Secondly that it was darn hard to break, I had to use my muscles. This is actually a good thing, as it confirmed that here was indeed plenty of chocolate and that there is some strength in my arms!
As I bit in I was reminded of the quality of the chocolate. It is a 40% milk chocolate, and is smooth and creamy. The cocoa is flavoursome and sweet, as well as having a slight nutty cocoa after taste. I love the way the chocolate melts in your mouth, as it remains quite thick and coats all your taste buds in a really sumptuous way.
This is easy eating chocolate, which is also rather moreish. It is styled perfectly for the season and would make an excellent gift, particularly a Halloween party host. Its fabulous chocolate very smartly presented, and it’s well worth risking opening the box. ;-)
By Cinabar

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Anonymous said...

Awesome, shame about the name, copying a popular american breakfast cereal...not cool