1 October 2011

Grace Hot Tomato Ketchup [@gracefoods ] [By @SpectreUK]

Based in Hertford, Grace Foods UK were originally WT Foods and were renamed after GraceKennedy acquired them in 2007. GraceKennedy started out in Jamaica in 1922. Grace Foods has over a hundred products, ranging from canned foods, jams and jellies, spices, teas, veggie meals and sauces. This Hot Tomato Ketchup is a deep orange colour. Its ingredients include; 92% tomato paste, capsicum chilli pepper and lemon juice. It has a good natural tomato flavour with a chilli burn, but not an uncomfortable sweaty burning heat that hurts the mouth and tongue. It has the feel of a healthy tomato sauce with a decent kick to it. I don’t usually have tomato ketchup with cheese on toast, I usually have Cholula or Tabasco, but this sauce really complemented the grilled Red Leicester. I found this hot ketchup also went very well for dipping chips. The heat to this sauce combined with its full tomato flavour made me want to put more and more on each chip. I reckon this ketchup would go well added to a spaghetti bolognaise or any other pasta dish. This tomato sauce is quite a treat and I always look forward to retrieving it from the sauce cupboard. Once the bottle is opened I can’t stop dipping, but my only dread is running out of the stuff, because I just can’t remember where I bought it!! :-(
By Spectre

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