30 September 2011

Raspberry Jam Doughnut & Honeycomb Choc Swirl [@Frijj Milkshake] (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

I do have a bit of a weakness for Frijj milkshakes, so was really pleased to see not just one new flavour on the shelf but two. I like the new designs on the bottle featuring old fashioned circus style acts, and a dressed up cat and dog. I’m not sure I get exactly how it relates to the new varieties, but the characters looks rather smart! :-D

Raspberry Jam Doughnut [Featuring Pablo Pooch]
This is a thick pink drink, that pours with a gloop into your glass. It has a lovely fruity fragrance, and smells very appealing. The taste is manly sweetness with a raspberry base. I guess the extra sugar hit was mimicking the raspberry jam element in the name. The berry flavour was good, but I really couldn’t pick up on the slightest hint of doughnut, which was a bit disappointing. Effectively it is a really good sweet raspberry milkshake, but the doughnut element was far too subtle.

Honeycomb Choc Swirl [Featuring Hugo Meeow]
This shake looks remarkably like a chocolate milkshake, and after the raspberry variety I feared there would be no depth to the flavour, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This milkshake is remarkably similar to how I imagine melting down a Crunchie bar with a load of cream would be – i.e. it’s so good it’s out of this world. The flavour is full of chocolate, and the honeycomb taste comes through perfectly, followed by a rich creamy finish. I couldn’t stop drinking the stuff, it’s gorgeous. The Honeycomb Choc Swirl is definitely the stronger of the two flavours, and is now my favourite chocolate milkshake drink. If you like Crunchie bars, it’s a must!

In other news – Frijj have announced that Vanilla is coming back as a Limited Edition too, so that’s also worth keeping your eye open for. I do like my Frijj. ;-)
By Cinabar


Nope. said...

Are these shelf-stable? I'd love to try the honeycomb chocolate! What an unusual flavor! What others have you tried?

cinabar said...

They are chilled I'm afraid. Think Fudge Brownie is fab, especially heated in the microwave to make the worlds greatest hot choc.