7 September 2011

KP Nutty Nibbles [Hobnobs and Chocolate Mix] (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

KP Nuts have obviously spotted the grab bag trend, and have decided to give it a go. Personally I’d be okay with a huge bag of their peanuts, but they have added some creativity to their recipe, and come up with a bit of a medley.
Inside the bag are three key ingredients; firstly there are peanuts and they need these for the KP branding. It can’t really claim to be nutty without them! The nuts are sweetened slightly as they are honey roasted, and have a good full flavour. They are firm, but not overly hard. Next up we have chocolate, these are small round chunks of soft milky chocolate that add a lovely sweet cocoa flavour to the mix. Finally there are wonderfully mini McVities Hobnob biscuits that are full of oaty flavour, and add a really decent crunch. Each of the three items has a very different texture, making it a pleasure to combine them.
The Nutty Nibbles are mixed in such a way that you never quite get an even distribution of ingredients, and this works really well for them. Sometimes there is a focus on biscuit, other times on salty peanut and sweetness of the chocolate is in there too. The tastes work together; they complement each other surprisingly well. The nuts, despite being sweet, have a salty edge to them and I love that combination with the chocolate.
The bag is moreish and clever, and in my opinion a total success. It’s perfect for nibbling and would be ideal poured into a communal sharing bowl when you have friends round. Dare I say it – it would be ideal for Christmas time too... ;-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

These are totally delicious!! All works together in one lovely chocolatey peanutty salty harmony!!

cinabar said...

So glad they are still available after xmas - I was worried they might be seasonal and disappear.