10 September 2011

Meringato Venchi Cuba – Chocolate Cigar (Amazon) [By @SpectreUK]

I used to be a smoker and always treated myself to a Cuban cigar every Birthday and Christmas Eve. I gave up smoking thirteen years ago (just after I met Cinabar) and much to my chagrin the tradition came to a grinding halt. Every Birthday and Christmas there after I’d moan about how much I missed my Cuban cigar. One Birthday I was highly amused and delighted to unwrap a Cuban shaped chocolate cigar, which I found amongst my presents. Ever since then I have been treated to a chocolate cigar on my Birthdays and at Christmas instead of the smokier variety to keep up with the previous tradition.

This Meringato Venchi Cuba chocolate cigar is made with a double layer of milk and dark chocolate and is filled with granulated meringue. The chocolate cigar’s ingredients include whole milk powder, 56% dark chocolate, 33.3% milk chocolate, hazelnuts, and natural vanilla flavour. The chocolate has a lovely nutty taste to it and from the 100g size of the cigar, it certainly takes some eating. The taste is pure luxury, and believe me it is pure nutty chocolate indulgence at 551 calories. This chocolate cigar is perfect for an after dinner treat, especially if you have a nice chocolate beer to go with it. Quoting Hannibal Smith from the A Team; “I love it when a plan comes together.
By Spectre


Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy, but at 551 calories, I'm going to stay far away from it!

cinabar said...

Yeah, has to be a special treat ;-)