16 September 2011

Mexican Discovery – A Mexican Night In [By @Cinabar]

It just so happens that I rather like Mexican food, so when I was asked if I wanted to try out the Mexican Discovery kit, I could resist saying yes. The lovely people from Mexican Discovery sent me a fabulous array of goodies to try! Today is Mexican Independence day so it seems apt that this write up should appear now. :-)
Fajitas are a bit of a fun meal, and are really easy to prepare. I bought some mushrooms, a green pepper, some onions and some chicken to go with all the Mexican Discovery goodies. I fried all of this with the Fajita Seasoning Mix and it smelt absolutely wonderful and aromatic. Hints of paprika and other warm spices shone through,
Once this was cooked the next part is really up to the person eating it. Everyone gets some tortillas and can fill them as they wish. I opted for a wrap with plenty of the chicken mix and a squeeze of all the sauce. Spectre on the other hand stuck with the sour cream, but went for a brave addition of jalapenos from the jar! I think that’s the great part that you can make them exactly as you want them, and you can experiment a bit with different ingredients.
I thought the base chicken mix was absolutely spot on, not too hot, but full of wonderful Mexican spices. The tortillas were a good texture, they had plenty of bread flavour, but they weren’t too thick sothey didn’t distract from the contents. The sour cream was cool and helped calm things down if you are not keen on the heat, as did the avocado based guacamole. The salsa added a bit of sweet tomato zing, which went perfectly with everything.
As I said the best part is mixing and matching, and trying different combinations. You should try a bit of chopped up cucumber as a last minute addition, if you want a cool crunchy effect, although I’m not sure that’s authentic Mexican! ;-) I think I’d try adding some cheese next time too. The range of textures you can create is very diverse, and very enjoyable. When Spectre finished his first Fajita, the he immediately said “can I have another” so I know they went down well! I really enjoyed making the Mexican selection, and everyone seemed to really enjoy it – so it certainly gets the Foodstuff Finds thumbs up!
By Cinabar

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krnries said...

We quite often have fajitas on a Saturday lunch, with salad and grated cheese. We've never tried this brand, though, so we'll have to give them a go.