23 September 2011

New Toblerone Snow Top (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

This is a new bar coming out from a favourite company of mine for the winter, which is fitting as I associate Toblerone and Christmas. I’m not trying to wish bad weather on us, but this new Toblerone has a patch of snow sitting on top of its chocolate mountains. By that I mean the usual milk chocolate chunks of Toblerone are now part white chocolate and looks very smart.
Toblerone has always been a bit of an awkward shape, there really is no denying it. The design is very much based on visual effect and not ease of use. Breaking pieces off a Toblerone can be troublesome, particularly the large bars, but the shape always makes me smile so I always forgive them.
As per regular Toblerone this bar has lovely sticky pieces of almond and honey nougat mixed in with the chocolate, which do add a wonderful sweetness to the flavour. I love the combination of both honey and nut with chocolate, but I do have a rather sweet tooth. The milk chocolate is also quite sweet, however the extra section of white chocolate mellows the sugar adding a rich creamy taste to the bar. The white chocolate really comes through as an aftertaste, but it is a well placed smoothness at the end of each bite.
The bar hasn’t deviated much from the original recipe, and there is nothing in the flavour that changes the formula to any major extent. I can’t imagine anyone who likes regular Toblerone disliking this bar as there isn’t that much of a difference. I guess Toblerone played it safe, but I still can’t resist it as a seasonal treat even if it is just a regular Toblerone topped with a Christmas snow shower of white chocolate.
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

Looks nice and festive.
I've never had Tolberone before, but it's never to late to try something new:)

cinabar said...

Never had Toblerone? :-0 You must sort that out! ;-)