26 September 2011

KP Nutty Nibbles [Cherry & Cranberry Mix] (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

Following on from the KP Nutty Nibbles with Hobnobs and Chocolate, it seems there is another new flavour on the shelves. I saw these sitting next to the other ones in WH Smiths, as a late addition in my local branch.
Like the previous variety this bag mixes both chocolate, salt and sweet. The chocolate on this occasion isn’t from chocolate drops, but chocolate coated raisins are mixed in the bag too. There is plenty of fruit in this pack, as you’d suspect from the name. The cherries and the cranberries are both fairly sweet but do have a sharp aftertaste, as they are both quite strongly flavoured fruits. The nuts are lightly sweet from the honey, have a good strong roasted peanut flavour and a nice dose of salt. The raisins are the actual sweet element in the bag with both the fruit being sugary and the milk chocolate coating adding a smooth cocoa flavour.
I love the mix of sweet and savoury, and it worked really well these ingredients. Every handful brings a slightly different combination and the emphasis is on a different taste with every mouthful. I think that’s what works so well with these bags, and makes them so moreish. If I had never tried the Nutty Nibbles with Hobnobs and Chocolate these would have been my favourite new peanut snack. The Cherry & Cranberry Mix is a very close second, with the fact that it has slightly less chocolate meaning it didn’t quite have the edge for me. It’s a personal preference, but chocolate always swings it for my taste buds! They are still well worth trying though, and to be honest if you are planning sharing them during a night in with friends, buy one of each variety and they will all soon disappear!
By Cinabar

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