29 September 2011

Berry Granola - Rude Health (Waitrose) [By @NLi10]

Red flavour is my favourite of all the fruits. Red flavours of juice drinks, yogurts and cereals will always get tried first - over chocolate and the other options and in particular Raspberry is my very favourite. There aren't all that many cereals that match up to this profile - especially when you consider that I don't like Sultanas & Raisins as they overpower everything else.

Rude Health has a history of making compulsive cereals that take me a while to get through the box. Everything they do seems to be more filling than its counterparts and making me struggle to finish my usual heaped cereal bowls. This is no exception - it was a battle to get to the end of my first bowl and I wasn't entirely sure that I enjoyed it. My second day I put in 2/3 of the usual amount (still probably well over the 'portion size' that boxes recommend) and was much happier with it.

It's a fruity concoction, but you can still taste the grains and identify flavours. It happily turns the milk pink and doesn't get overly soggy. Being a granola the roasted cereals have a lovely, lasting flavour which I think I will try with warm milk at some point for maximum hug in a bowl effect.

The boxes always look small, but the Rude Health cereals seem to last just as long as others in similar ranges. I think that I'll be adding this to the list of things to return to once I've caught up with the backlog of review cereals in the cupboards.
By NLi10

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