9 September 2011

Lindt Eiscafe Pralines [Coffee Chocolates] [Spain] (By @Cinabar)

It’s a funny thing about Lindt and coffee chocolate. They discontinued their wonderful Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense bar, but have these coffee chocolates (in Spain at least) thus acknowledging there is a market for coffee chocolate. I’m not sure if this is a sign that Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense bar will return – but I have my fingers crossed. These chocolates were a gift from dad who bought them back from his holidays in Spain – so big thanks to him.
I assumed that these chocolates would be some kind of soft centred coffee cream affair, but it turns out they were really quite solid. They are presented as a wrapped cone of chocolate. The texture was that of a firm milk chocolate, and there was no soft part just the same consistency through and through. They had a white chocolate base, but at least two thirds was milk chocolate with coffee granules running throughout. The coffee flavour was very strong, and it mixed well with the chocolate base. The flavours were intense, sweet but the chocolate was smooth and flavoursome which worked well. I was surprised that they went for such a strong coffee taste, but when I have tried other European coffee chocolates they have had a similar powerful taste too (see Pocket Coffee).
As they were these chocolates were really lovely, and felt special. I loved the strong flavours with the chocolate. I just couldn’t help thinking that if Lindt had taken an extra step towards strength of flavour and made the base chocolate 70% cocoa, then these would have been perfect. Okay that would technically make them a boxed version of the Lindt Excellence Coffee Intense bar... but really, that’s not a bad thing! ;-)
By Cinabar

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Ana said...

I had no idea these pralines still existed. I tried them a few years ago, but I haven't seen them since.