4 September 2011

New Milka: Milka Rice Vanilla / Milka Cream & Almond Splitter [Pound Shop][By @Cinabar]

I have to start with a big thank you to David H for locating these two new bars of Milka for me. They are both quite interesting flavours, one of which is with a rice dessert taste which is something I’ve not seen before. I’m a big Milka fan, so as usual apologies for any bias that may have sneaked subtly in to the following write ups...

Milka Cream & Almond Splitter
This bar is enrobed in the finest milk chocolate known to man. ;-) Inside its filling is a thick creamy layer of light almond paste, with small pieces of almond mixed in for good measure. The filling is lovely and creamy, and the nutty flavour is strong without being too floral as almond sometimes can be. I liked the gentle crunch from the nut pieces, as it gave the bar a good mix of textures. The flavour was smooth and I really adored the nut and Milka combo, so this made a fabulous bar for me.

Milk Rice Vanilla
Well this is an unusual combination of flavours for a chocolate bar, and I think it is trying to represent some sort of rice pudding dessert. The Milka chocolate is obviously perfection as an outer shell as Milka always is. ;-) The filling is a little bit different. It is creamy, but has a slight crunch to it from what seems to be puffed rice. As these puffed rice bits are in a paste, they are also kind of lightly chewy. The texture is a bit odd, but the flavour of the filling is nice, it’s sweet almost honey like and does have a hint of rice pudding about it. So the tastes are really positive, but the texture lets it down a little. Out of the two new bars, the almond one is the clear winner, but I’ve always had a weakness for nuts and chocolate. This rice bar does get bonus points for creativity though. :-)
By Cinabar


Anonymous said...

I'm exactly your opinion about the milk rice vanilla bar. The texture is very, very strange.
But it's surprisingly that the bars are new in the uk.
In germany they were already released in january.

cinabar said...

We don't get anywhere near the selection of Milka here in the UK compared to what is available in Germany. Its such a shame, I love Milka :-)