5 September 2011

Gu After Dark Blueberry Cheesecakes (Waitrose) [By @Cinabar]

I though Gu and Fru were products from the same company. I thought the distinction was that Fru were the fruity desserts, and Gu were the chocolaty ones and this is what I have believed until today. This pudding is clearly more fruity i.e. Fru than chocolaty Gu, but it is still Gu branded... so perhaps they just toss a coin to chose a brand? To be fair their goodies are good with whichever packaging, so I’ll stop worrying about it! The box is neatly designed with a very tempting cover image.
The last cheesecake style dessert I had from Fru was the Key Lime Pie, which I thought was absolutely fantastic, so I was really pleased to see this blueberry version albeit from Gu. Inside the glass dish is a sweet biscuit base, made up of crushed and compacted crumbs. The next layer up was the creamy cheese. It had a gentle flavour, velvety but with a nice subtle hint of sweet to balance it. I have to say as much as I liked it, I did just prefer the lighter whipped version in the Key Lime Pie. The next section was the blueberry compote, which was a rich deep purple in colour. It had a nice mix of textures from the berries, and the flavour was sweet, fruity and very fragrant from the blueberries. It was a lovely layer and really made the dessert. There was some crumble decorating the top too, but it was mostly for visual effect but did add a nice edge to the texture.
All in all this is a lovely blueberry pudding, the layers all worked really well together bringing a clever balance between creamy and fruity. As always with Gu and Fru it’s another fabulous luxury dessert that is definitely worth checking out.
By Cinabar


Rodzilla said...

Apparently they just consolidated the brands. These look fantastic, wish we had them in the US.

cinabar said...

So its all Gu now... that makes sense I guess. Hope they launch over in the US - they are fab.

As an American - their version of a Key Lime Pie is nothing like yours... right?

Rodzilla said...

It does seem like more cheesecake than a traditional key lime pie. Key lime pie filling is condensed milk and key lime juice. The lime curd in gu's version is missing the condensed milk