14 September 2011

Penn State [Limited Edition] Gammon & Mustard Flavour Pretzels [By @Cinabar]

I was really excited to discover that Penn State has launched a new Limited Edition flavour, and it’s not one I’ve tried combined with Pretzels before. Gammon and Mustard flavour Pretzels does seem like an odd combination, but the plain base flavour of the pretzel means it is a lot more open to a variety of seasonings. Obviously salted is the most common type, but Penn State are showing us there are more options than that.
The pretzels look like golden brown knots, and the texture is similar to that of a dry firm biscuit. They are easy to eat, and as they aren’t too hard they are very pleasant to munch on giving a good crunch. The meat flavour is the most obvious one that shines through, and it has a slight sweetness to it, rather like the gammon they were aiming for. The mustard taste is present, but it is a mild background tang, and not hot and spicy like a packet of good old Brannigans. I picked up on a hint of bacon too with these pretzels as there was a nice smoky aftertaste.
I enjoyed the pretzels, and felt they worked well sharing them with friends. It’s unusual to find pretzels flavoured with gammon, but they were really good and it has certainly opened me up to the idea of different varieties.
This is a great new product from Penn State, and a little birdie tell me that they are launching another new product in the upcoming months. Let’s just say if you miss Flipz, then this is certainly a brand to keep an eye on! I’ll be writing about the new flavour as soon as I find out more.
By Cinabar

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