28 September 2011

Curry Lime Pickle Crisps (Pret A Manger @Pret_uk) [By @cinabar]

As we here having a shopping day on Saturday, and as per tradition we decide to have a treat and have lunch out at Pret. Sitting on the shelf next to the sandwiches I spotted this new flavour of crisps. It isn’t a flavour I have seen before, so I was rather excited at the prospect of trying something properly new. I don’t actually eat that much lime pickle when having a curry, I’m more of a mango chutney fan, but I do know what it is supposed to taste like.
These crisps are very moreish and flavoursome. They taste predominantly of curry powder, but there is a tangy citrus hit which appears as an aftertaste. The curry flavour was fuelled by coriander seed and tones of turmeric. There isn’t much chilli in the mix. Although the heat is mild the range of spices is nice and they are very aromatic, and there is a nice gentle tingle. I liked how the lime shone through and added a crisp zingy finish to each one, it was zesty but not fruity.
They may not be an exact match for lime pickle taste, as they are missing a lot of the fruitiness, but the combination of flavours they provide works really well and they are a very tasty bag of crisps. We happily munched happily our way through the bag with our lunch, and I’d definitely but them again.
By Cinabar

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Jeppo said...

these crisps are amazing!! I've been waiting for this flavour for years and have not been disappointed, the citrus and curry combo is a winner!
(granted, nothing beats salt & vinegar as a day in/day out flavour, but in this crisp, I feel I have finally found something that competes with the Worcester Sauce and Pickled Onions of this world - great news!!)