24 September 2011

Wonka Sweetarts (American Import) [By @SpectreUK]

On the front of this sturdy colourful cardboard box it mentions “tangy candy”, some where on the back it warns “may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children”. This warning made my colleague sitting at the desk next to me laugh, as he knew after I’d tasted a few of these sweets that his five year old daughter would be finishing them off. Not that I expected to dislike the sweets, but I’m trying to stay a bit healthier these days. Weight lifting, the odd swimming session once a blue moon and less snack food doesn’t seem to be taking as much fat off my belly as I’d like. 170g of “tangy candy” just makes me think that after eating I’ll blow up like a balloon, and not one of those light floating ones, more like a gas tower.

After struggling to open the top of the box with my fingernails for a while, I advanced to using my penknife. This worried my colleagues no end, and they proceeded in instructing a 35 year old man on how to use a knife! The box was pretty much half full of solid thick tablets with the texture of Refreshers, rather like the Bottlecaps. There are five colours of sweets; Orange – orange flavour, blue – blueberry flavour, green – apple flavour, pink – cherry flavour, brown – rootbeer flavour (which was pretty nasty). You have to suck these for a short while before biting or you’re likely to break your teeth. With their respective flavourings they taste pretty much as they’re coloured, asides the medicinal like rootbeer flavour. On sucking them they have a good sweet taste to start with, but sucking for too long the sweet taste becomes sourer in a mild twisty faced sort of way. I shared a few around my colleagues and they seemed to like them, and then passed the box to the man with the soon to be super hyperactive child. By now he’d stopped laughing and was starting to look more than a little apprehensive. I wished him luck!
By Spectre

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