6 September 2011

NDulge Yourself: Terrific Chocolate Tiffin Bites (WH Smiths) [By @Cinabar]

This tub of goodies caught me a little by surprise. Spectre and I were on our way back from a friend’s wedding and had stopped at services for supplies (i.e. a cup of tea and some sweets for the way home). As I was queuing in WH Smiths I noticed these stacked by the till, and reached over for a tub.
I have to say it’s the first ‘NDulge’ product I’ve seen, but after googling it seems they make a few different items in tubs which I’ll have to keep an eye out for. I pulled back the lid and found some quite chunky pieces of tiffin inside. Tiffin is a chocolate treat which can have various fillings, but almost always some biscuit pieces and some fruit. This particular variety is no exception and has biscuit, juicy glacier cherries and raisins all mixed in. What surprised me was how soft the whole affair was. The chocolate felt very soft, but I supposed that is acceptable but what was strange was the fact that the biscuit was lacking crunch. It had a nice buttery flavour, but not of the resistance when bitten. The cherries and the raisins mixed well with the rich chocolate flavours and made these a very tasty treat. I just would have preferred a crunchier biscuit, as its softness left the whole tiffin with a very samey feel in the mouth texture wise. Other than that the flavours were good, and the tiffin was very enjoyable.
By Cinabar

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