22 September 2011

McVities Quirks - Chocolate (Asda) [by @NLi10]

This weekend I was invited to the park to partake in the fledgling event of the Bearwood Shuffle which is a few local bands, a few stalls and enough space for a picnic blanket. This to me was a great opportunity to break out the sharing snacks and I brought along a pack of McVities Quirks. I hadn't realised at the time but Cinabar had reviewed the double chocolate variety of these back in July - I'm so behind the curve!
That's the bandstand you can see in the background. I cleverly placed the biscuits to obscure faces without dropping them. Unfortunately for McVities the bands were better than the biscuits.

In the olden-days, when I bought snack-foods based on the cartoon characters on the packets instead of the taste there used to be little bags of rusk like biscuits with a chocolate centre that was usually liquidy. If you bought them from Kwik Save the choc centres tended to be a bit more solid, but still - the combination of flavours was nice enough to return to. Also they had a picture printed on them. Now-a-days you can buy the little happy panda snacks from Import stores to get the same joyous effect (few of these are still runny though). Quirks are like a giant version of these. Like Cinabar said, the packaging makes you think these would be larger than they are, but I thought that it was a reasonable size for a nice two bites. The runniness is good and the crunch is good too - they clearly focus tested these!

Unfortunately they aren't that exciting. They are a very eddible biscuit and as the comments on the previous review attest they are pretty morish to the right people, but I just wasn't enthused. I passed them on happily to my companions who tellingly liked them but didn't finish the packet while there. I let them take them back with the other foods. They would not be missed.

I'm not quite sure what it was about them that made them less compulsive than other biscuits. I'm sure it'll come to me in time.

Bonus mini review! Blackcurrant Flavour Still Spring Water (Asda)

The flavour was OK I guess, but didn't taste of much other than sweeteners. Tap water and a drop of cordial would have pretty much been the same. I heartily approve of not adding colours to the mix though - I wish more drinks would do this.
By Nli10

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ostimea said...

haha again it slightly upsets me that you didn't like mcvities quirks all that much, (as i certainly value your biscuit wisdom and knowledge haha) they are one of my favourite biscuits