12 September 2011

[New] Galaxy: A Gift For You (Sainsbury’s) [By @Cinabar]

I have bitten the bullet and added a new Foodstuff Finds category below... “Christmas 2011”. This is the first of the Christmas reviews for this year, I’m aware it’s early – but if a product is new and seasonal, it’s not my fault :-)
This is a smaller bar of Galaxy designed to be a Christmas stocking filler. It is moulded prettily into the shape of a Christmas present. There is a fair bit of detail, with a lovely big bow as the centre piece. The detailed image makes the bar and it works well.
Although not exactly square, the bar breaks easily on the grooves for the parcel, so that there are four cubes of chocolate. Two of these chocolate chunks are solid and two of them are filled with thick Galaxy caramel. The chocolate is the classical Galaxy flavour, silky and smooth and rather sweet. Galaxy is an indulgent taste, and always feel very luxurious, so for me it is ideally suited to this small bar. The caramel has a good taste too and isn’t overly rich, delivering a golden sugar that’s not too sweet.
I liked that they had made the bar half solid chocolate and half caramel, as it added nicely to the novelty and gives you a taster of both full size bars. Galaxy fans will love this themed version of their chocolate, and you really can’t go wrong picking one up as a mini gift. It’s so nicely moulded that it’s hard not to smile when you open the pack, and it is the perfect stocking filler.
By Cinabar


LPATRI11 said...

This looks delicous - I'm going to hunt some down - even if it is September

Dreich said...

Yeah that does look very very good.

paulham said...

It certainly looks nice...
I think it was when they removed the hydrogenated vegetable fat from their products ( the caramel in particular) that they took away the rich buttery flavour and left a sweet goo with no discernible flavour.

But then, you know my thoughts on Mars products.... ;-)