20 September 2011

Quality Street – My Purple Bar (Sainsbury’s) [By @cinabar]

It has to be said I am a big fan of the purple ones in Quality Street. They come in a smart purple wrapper and consist of chocolate, caramel and nut. When Christmas rears its head, I also get excited about the GIANT Purple Ones that appear in the shops. I love all the ingredients and the novelty of a giant looking sweet. Perhaps that’s why I was disappointed by this new bar, as I fear it is its replacement.
This year Quality Street is launching this strange bar with four regular purple ones stuck together. Essentially it is just that, four of the chocolates in a line with a bit chocolate pipeline in between.
As Purple Ones are in my favourite Quality Street chocolates it won’t surprise you that I thoroughly enjoyed the bar. I broke one of the chocolates off and it was exactly the same sweet you’d find in the box. The chocolate was thick, the caramel sweet and gooey and one singular hazelnut inside added the nutty goodness. It was all very enjoyable flavour wise but I felt something was missing. The shape is quite different to other bars on the market, and it does look interesting, but I think I have a soft spot for the original Christmassy giant one. You can’t go wrong with big chocolate, all that oozing caramel and the multiple nuts hidden inside made a wonderful treat. If I’d never had a Giant Purple One I would be giving this bar
a much more positive report, but the fear that it has replaced one of my favourite seasonal treats does make me a little sad. It does have all my favourite ingredients in one bar – so I really ought to be loving it.
One thing that stood out was the calories were per half bar... I do hope Quality Street weren’t expecting me to share, or to eat it in two servings? I don’t mean to be greedy but the bar really isn’t that big! And did I mention it’s made of my favourite chocolates!
If anyone does sees a giant purple one back in the shops this year – would you please let me know below? I’ll report back if I find one too! *fingers crossed*
By Cinabar

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