2 September 2011

Really Fruity Mango Spaghetti (Marks & Spencer) [By @Cinabar]

Before anyone gets too excited about the craziness of this product, it isn’t a new strange variety of pasta, just a bag of sweets. A novelty one though, that claims to be ‘newfangled’ no less. I used to eat strawberry laces all the time as kid, and these look like a modern version of those with a tropical fruit base. I can’t tell you how much I loved strawberry laces, and kola kubes, and white candy sticks... and you get the idea. ;-)
I took one of the long thin orange strands out of the brightly coloured pack, and was surprised by the lack of fruity smell. The only aroma was sweet but neutral and not that fruity at all. I took my first bite, and have to say I was disappointed. I thought the taste was a bit odd, mainly because there wasn’t much flavour at all. The pack says that it contains “10% fruit juice” but I can’t imagine where that flavour went. That should have provided a fantastic hit of natural juiciness, but the only taste I had was so weak, it was unidentifiable, and certainly not strong mango. I also noticed that that my fingers were covered in a layer of an oily substance despite the fact that I had been holding just one strand. I found this profoundly confusing because as a brand Marks & Spencer consistently brings out excellent quality products and it is very unusual for them to miss like this.
I gave Spectre one of these strands to check it wasn’t just me and he said; “shall I bin the rest of the bag?” I am starting to think I may have been unlucky and bought a packet that just didn’t meet the normal quality standards, and perhaps had some of the flavourings missed out? The trouble is I don’t fancy buying another bag to find out. Has anyone else tried them? What did you think?
By Cinabar


  1. did not like these at all! thought they smelt like fish!!

  2. The product name is quite suspicious, so I'm not really surprised of the lack of actual fruit juice. I would of loved to try them, but the article and comments have thankfully changed my mind.

  3. Such a shame - think I will be sticking with my childhood favourite strawberry laces!

  4. These taste revolting! Smelt like parmesan cheese and tasted of nothing!
    Really disappointed M&S :(

  5. They totally missed the whole fruity flavour bit :-/

  6. Its just fruit flavor and seeweed extract


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